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Overseas Employment Promoter's Lic. OP& HRD/3643/RWP/2015

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The leadership and public oi both countries Pakistan and Saudi Arabia see each their with great value From their beginning and they have great love and devotion tor one another. The basic reason oi this unity and brotherhood is due to religious relationship through which every muslim is attach entirely with other The country Saudi Arabia is most respectabletorall muslirns due to presence of aaitillah shareeiand Masyid-e-Nabvi lS.a.w). The peoples of Saudi Arabia ieels proud that Allah give them opportunity to serve Baitillah shareet and Masijid-e-Nabvi (Saw), The relationship between Pakistan and saudi Arabia are more strong and lriendly from an overthe countries of world. The peoples of both countries leels and understand the problems and happiness ot one another and stand with each other in every situation. Saudi Arabia always took stand for Pakistan in every situation ottroubles and problems and suppaned pakistan in his all ditticulttirnes.

Peer Nazir Ahmed