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We pledge ourfrlendsh‘lp with UAE and we make sure that we remain committed in future and we will increase the love and friendshipthe among people ol both countries. The lriendship between the both countries become more stronger as they are not only lriends out they have also brother relation that both countries are related with the same religion, so thatthey stand by each other in Every situation.

We are proud that the iourney oi triendship which was started between tow countries in the presidency ofthe Shaikh ZayedrucNiyaan is still progressing in the presidency of his son Al Sheikhrzayed ul niyaan like past, UAE leadership is making plan tor welfare and detence oi pakistani peoples and they are investing in the many fields including health, education in pakistan such that millions ol pakistani peoples are now working hard and showing their progress oi UAE and they are also earning tor theircouhtry. Both leadership of pakistan and UAE are iaith tull in the progress ottheir relation.

we are hope tull that the friendship hetween both countries remain calm. we are thank full to ALLAH that hoth countries have faith and trust on each other and standby each other in any situation natural disasteror in the hour oi need. they feel and share the pain of each other. May ALLAH keep the happiness and friendship of both countries. AMEEN.

Peer Nazir Ahmed